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Exemption Information

The following players and tournaments qualify for automatic exemptions into the 2023 Elites Cup Invitational. For upcoming qualifying sites please refer to the TJGT Schedule and look for the Elites Cup Icon. 

2022 Elites Cup Champions

Red River Challenge

State Match Play Invitational

Lonestar Boys Invitational

Lonestar Girls Invitational

Thanksgiving Showdown

Traditions Fall Invitational

Holiday Classic 

TJGT Tour Championship

Traditions Spring Invitational

The Tyler Rose

Texas Masters/IMG World Qualifier 

DFW Elite

The Gulfcoast Showdown

The 54 Showcase

Independence Elite

Bayou Elite

Elite Finale

Mia Gaboriau, Sterling Hurd

Adrienne Ahn, Preston Albee

Mitchell Maier, Bryce Womack, Lydia Howard, Gracie Heinle

Chandler Cooke, Rithvik Shroff

Veronika Exposito, Avery Zweig

Jordyn Arts

Jasmine Do, Adam Villanueva

Mabrie McMahan, Kevin Mu

Blake Keen, Danielle Bailey, Tyson Embry

Claire Wan, Andre Zhu

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